To the Mom Who Couldn’t Have Quiet Time

July 14, 2017

To the Mom who couldn’t have quiet time…

I get you. You love Jesus. You love the Bible. You want to be with Him. But sometimes life happens. Or maybe I should say motherhood happens.

Did the baby wake up crying at 12AM and 2AM and every hour until you couldn’t keep your eyes open when the alarm rang? Then your little girl had an accident in the bathroom, and the third is already asking what’s for breakfast?

Weariness and anxiety are crashing onto you, and all you can think is…if only I had time to be with God! Further bitterness settles in, especially when you see another mom post about her 5AM devotional time…if only I could wake up!

Momma, it’s okay. Your morning Bible study does not define your faith—your wholehearted, hands-on passion for Jesus does. Keep pursuing Him in this wild and unpredictable season, lean into Him and His strength.

Cast your cares upon Him as you fold the laundry, confess to Him your mommy guilt and anger as you make lunches, serve Him heartily at church. Tell Him you need His help, tell Him you want to honor Him in the rare moment of silence. He loves the humble in heart.

God is there, waiting, for when that quiet time comes. Try tomorrow, or the day after – keep seeking Him over everything else. Remember, His Word is not restricted to pages, but it can be tucked away into your heart and carried everywhere you go. Listen to His Word in the car rides to soccer practice, sing to Him as you get ready in the morning, write His heavenly promises around the house for you to see.

Don’t give up! Fight the fight of faith, keep your eyes on heaven, hold onto the joy of your salvation! Remember that Jesus saved you from eternity apart from Him. He will return in glory, making all things new! He has already cleansed you of all sin, has wiped away the tears of your past, and He is alongside you for the future.

In the moment of anger, turn to Jesus.
In the moment of frustration, turn to Jesus.
In the moment of pain, turn to Jesus.
Let go of self, and cherish His love yet one more time.
Abide in Him, He is faithful.

As you cling to His faithfulness, you will become faithful in heart and in soul – and that is the greatest testimony of motherhood your children could ever have. 

In His Love,

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  1. Hi Dani,

    This is a great reminder to busy women. It can be so easy to become legalistic about our devotional, Bible study time that we forget that we are able to communicate with God throughout the day and to serve Him even in the menial chores like washing dishes or feeding the crying baby at 3:00 AM.

    Thank you for the article!

  2. Such a timely post! You’re so right. Sometimes I’m all or nothing. My only goal is that 30 mins to an hour alone with God. I always feel like if I can’t do that then nothing is good enough. I will be using this advice I can promise you that. With a busy toddler life can get so hectic and my schedule completely dismissed by noon time. Consistency and using what time you have is key. Thanks for this post!


    Ladyevolves. Com

    1. Praise the Lord this provided timely encouragement! I feel the same way sometimes, and then I realized recently there are so many ways to worship the Lord even before I can dig deep in the Word. Praying for you sister as you care for your little one(s)!

  3. So encouraging, and so true! Our morning devotion time really doesn’t define us nearly as much as love and devotion to HIM. And thank goodness for that! I appreciate your putting words to a thing that so many of us often think about.

    1. Thank you, Lois! Your encouragement is always a blessing. And amen! Treasuring our relationship with Christ is everything.

  4. Thanks for your wonderful Christ centred encouragement. Not a to do list but a going to Jesus is what’s required. Very helpful thank you!

  5. This is so good, Dani. We must have been on the same brain wave because it’s the kindred sister to my most recent piece. It can be a real struggle to accept the reality of our motherhood prayer life. Thank you for your encouragement and positive reminder.

    1. The Holy Spirit is leading us to encourage women in the same way – how cool! I will check your piece out. Thank you for visiting, Audrey!

  6. I totally agree! Abiding in Him is a posture of the heart. We need the word of God, but there are certainly creative ways to get that as mothers. Your ideas are awesome and so encouraging.

    1. “Abiding in Him is a posture of the heart.” So true, Stephanie! We must surrender ourselves to Him daily and worship Him however we can. Thank you for your kind words.

  7. As I read this, I realized I’m almost out of the tiny tot stage of tiredness and am beginning to have more control over my schedule again, but….I still need grace! Thank you for this reminder to walk in his presence at all times.

    1. Hahha yes, this applies strongly for mommies in the tot stage…but like you said it’s so sweet to know God’s grace is sufficient in every season of motherhood! Thank you for stopping by, Charlie!

  8. This is such an encouraging post! I am not a mom of children but rather a mom of a business. It takes so much of my time that I find it difficult, some days impossible, to have that time with Jesus. The sit down with Bible and coffee in hand, journal and then pray until I’m through kind of time. The guilt for not being able to fill that expectation is overwhelming. Thank you for sharing the truth of the matter. God cares about our hearts…period!

    1. Yes, the truth that we can go to Jesus at anytime and worship Him in many ways is so important no matter what our life looks like. Keep seeking Him and letting Him run your business for His glory! Blessings Summer!

  9. Dani,
    I love how you say that devo times and other duties dont define us. Our passion for Him does. I feel relieved. And I’m encouraged to pray through the boredom of laundry folding -my least favorite chore.
    Thanks for this, my fellow momma in the trenches. 💕

    1. Aw, thankful to be of encouragement, Tara! We should always seek to spend time in His Word – but in the end it’s about our heart of worship, obedience, and love for Him. And I feel ya about laundry – praise the Lord He gives us a higher purpose for it, we are serving our families and have time to talk with Him. 🙂

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