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Explore God’s Character with Adoring His Attributes

Free Indeed’s most popular resource for Christian women – Adoring His Attributes – is a downloadable 30 day devotional that focuses on worshipping the wonderful attributes of God through prayer. Experience 30 of the Lord’s qualities in 30 days with Scripture readings and prayer prompts that send you into praise. This printable bundle also includes bonus features such as a lovely Bible Journaling Plan bookmark, watercolor Scripture printables, and cards with the biblical names of God!

Pray God’s Prayer Book with Praying the Psalms

Free Indeed’s second printable prayer challenge, Praying the Psalms, leads you through the life-giving truth of 24 psalms. Providing daily Bible study with intentional, verse-by-verse prayer prompts and informative devotionals, it will build strength, thanksgiving, wisdom, and praise in your heart through 4 weeks of soul-lifting Scripture.