Praying the Attributes Of God Challenge

When I created this blog I had no idea where God was going to take it. I simply wanted to write from His Word, and share that precious truth with others so they could discover genuine freedom – the forever freedom that only comes through Christ.

As I experienced the blogging world, I kept encountering a common concern among readers – women weary from the weight of their responsibilities, sisters in Christ losing heart from the daily strains of life.

Through my own struggles with motherhood, and ultimately by the Holy Spirit’s leading, I kept returning to the same thought: we as women need to keep our focus on God’s glory. Only then will we be able to persevere day in and day out, and take JOY in God’s calling for our lives.

At the same time, my prayer life was languishing. Beyond requests, what should I pray for? I had been encouraged to praise God in prayer, but how should I do so? I knew this was a key ingredient for a thriving faith.

That’s why I started writing the Praying the Attributes of God Challenge.

I needed to dig deep into the character of Christ, to remind myself of the God I serve, the very God I would spend eternity with…and ask other women to join me, and let it change our lives.

It received an overwhelming response – hundreds of women signed up within weeks! God was moving in hearts – and I saw sisters hungry to know Him better.

A Renewed Challenge to Worship

Maybe that’s why you’re reading this. I’m so thankful for your desire to praise Him! You’re joining believers around the globe wanting to return to the root of our faith – worshipping our Savior.

The thing is, I know life is busy! So I’ve designed this devotional to be a manageable moment to rest in Scripture. With a physical paper in your hands, one you can highlight and scribble notes on, you can reflect on God’s majesty and pour out your own prayer.

That’s what this Adoring His Attributes Prayer Journal is about. An opportunity to sit at His feet in awe, a chance to soak in those verses about His love anew.

It’s a beautiful printable bundle, with bonus features like prayer cards and Scripture decor. You can download it immediately after purchase, print, and begin right away.

It’s designed to be your personal copy of prayers to Him, a keepsake of His faithfulness for yourself and your loved ones.

Get your copy right away below!

Reader Testimonies

“It greatly strengthened my walk with God because it brought me to a new territory of prayer. I learned so much and having those tips on prayer was immensely helpful. I really appreciated this because it made me realize how great our God is, and all the amazing things He is capable of.” –Kassie

“What a blessing it was to consider the many attributes of our wonderful Savior. In the hustle and bustle of life it’s easy to forget exactly how wonderful HE truly is. Reading these daily was a great way to reinforce the truth I already know but often lose sight of.” -Veronica

“It opened my eyes to the glory of God all around me. I have re-learned so much about God. Things I forgot or took for granted were at the forefront of my thoughts. I LOVED this. Thank you!” -Heather