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5 Inspiring Christian Books To Start Your Summer + GIVEAWAY!

What's one reason why we love summer? It's a wonderful time to slow down and read. Whether relaxing by the pool or passing time on a road trip, you can crack open a book, nestle in and delight in God through amazing fiction, devotionals, biographies, and more! I have a long list of books I'm hoping to… Continue reading 5 Inspiring Christian Books To Start Your Summer + GIVEAWAY!

Christian Fiction

Rise: A Short Story of Hope

A ray of sunshine slanted across the dark room. All day he would study its movement as it slid along the walls. The ray creeped into being each dawn, the loyal reminder for his eyelids to flutter open. As it brightened and faded with each passing hour he grew increasingly jealous. The light could shift, shimmer, glide,… Continue reading Rise: A Short Story of Hope

Christian Fiction


Darkness. My fingertips grazed the cold rock wall beside me, my only guidance. Others were with me. There were rumors of light, something I had seen flashes of but never begotten. Most spoke of bitter hope, but it was slowly silenced as the dark days went on. I didn't know how I entered this tunnel, but… Continue reading Lost

Christian Fiction

Digital Delusion

Her online accounts were bursting with new messages and updates that had to be read, judged, and extrapolated to her own website. Could she afford to take a break from the digital mayhem? Getting 5 hours of sleep was already running her typing potential thin. Every second was precious. But she was wondering if the Facebook-status of this guy was worth thousands of her own.