5 Ways to Abide in Christ as a SAHM

July 15, 2017

Sometimes I open my eyes in the morning, hoping to slip out of bed and read the Word, when the next minute a cry from the nursery erupts.

I sigh in defeat, thinking: time with the Lord will have to wait.

But does it?

During the busy season of motherhood, when so much is asked of us and the days are full, the natural temptation can be to delay or give up on spiritual things.

Why? Because we think time with the Lord is limited to sitting down with the Bible all alone. And when it doesn’t happen, we can lose motivation.

Sister, personal Bible reading is so, so important. We should seek to read His Word whenever we can. If possible, ask your husband to give you time to invest in Scripture whenever you feel your faith wearing thin.

Yet, I want to encourage you that just because deep Bible reading isn’t happening every morning doesn’t mean you cannot abide in the Lord. Abiding is about dwelling in Christ’s presence. When we abide in Him and His Word, He abides in us (John 15:4), and this can happen throughout the day.

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In the pressures of everyday, in the exhaustion that can so easily overwhelm us, we must lean into our knowledge of Him in order for us to take full joy in our mothering and homemaking.

So how do we abide in Him?

Creatively! And we can do so with our kids, in the little moments. Those little moments add up. As God says, when we are faithful in the little, we are then able to be faithful in much. (Matthew 25:23)

Here are 5 ways I enjoy His presence and love, grabbing hold of His Word:

1. Listen to sound teaching via podcasts.

I’ve mentioned this radio network before, but I love listening to Reformation Network throughout the day. Available as an app and on the computer 24/7, this radio by Ligonier Ministries has a variety of programs that keep your heart set on things above—including audio Bible readings, sermons by pastors of the past and of today, Christian audio book segments, and more.

My favorite podcast/audio Bible study iPhone app is Revive Our Hearts. It’s aimed specifically at Christian women and has Scripturally-sound theology. My daughter and I usually listen to it at lunchtime!

2. Sing Scripture with your kids.

Do you struggle with the practice of memorizing Bible verses? I used to, until family members introduced Seeds Family Worship to us. They compose catchy songs with lyrics straight from Scripture, complete with YouTube videos and hand motions.

My baby and I have fun singing these together all day long, and when I am in a moment of discouragement I like to sing them out loud on my own!

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. Colossians 3:16

3. Designate personal time with the Lord.

Intentionality is always a good thing. I know there’s a million things to do, and nap time is usually the only slot to do it. It’s sometimes the only period open for much needed rest. Even so, I can do chores with a baby in a carrier, but it’s hard to deeply study Scripture while multi-tasking! 

I try to commit at least one nap week, or maybe even one nap a day depending on the age of your kids, to do in-depth journaling from the Word. This time could involve Bible study, artistic expression, or a prayer journal. Even if your kids wake up early, or don’t take a nap, taking an intentional break to do this with them watching is a powerful testimony even if you’re interrupted too many times to count.

Check out my 30-day devotionals centered around prayer:

Adoring His Attributes – Tour God’s glory across the Bible and worshipping Him in prayer.

Praying the Psalms – Explore 24 psalms to build strength, thanksgiving, wisdom, and praise in your heart.

4. Pause and read Bible stories with your kiddos once a day.

Do you already have story time or a homeschool silent reading time? Use this as your and your kids’ devotional time, if you don’t already. While reading the biblical accounts with them, soak it in yourself.

The storybook Bible may be simplistic, but try to bring deeper biblical truth to your own mind and share it with them accordingly. Also feel free to do this when tasks seem to overwhelm you, as a daily reprieve.

5. Pray during each household task.

Don’t forget you can talk with Jesus during repetitive tasks like cleaning and laundry. This doesn’t only have to be supplications – or requests, but it can be praising God for who He is and expressing dependence on Him during the little losses. It can be thanking Him for blessings, and leading your children in prayer with you when you need it. Going to Him in your heart in every way continually restores your peace and joy.

I hope these little daily disciplines can help you abide in Him, and equip to serve your family all the more joyfully at home! Comment below if you have other edifying practices for abiding in Jesus as a SAHM.

If you haven’t already, also read my letter to the mom who couldn’t have quiet time.

  1. Wow, such an amazing post, and so timely. I think many women, myself included, feel that because we spend the majority of our time at home or running errands that pertain to it, that we can’t be as close to God.

    These tips are all excellent and it is very sounds advice. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. I agree – I think we as women easily become caught up in our tasks, but we have to remember to do everything unto the Lord, and to take opportunities to praise Him in the midst of it all. He is so pleased when we do! Thank you for your faithful encouragement!

  2. Great post! I will be pulling up the Seeds Family Worship videos with my little man for fun sing alongs 🙂

    1. Yes! Please do, they’re so much fun! We also bought some CDs and play them in the car while running errands. Thanks for visiting, Melissa!

  3. I keep Christian radio on and use music going that will uplift and encourage my thoughts on Jesus. I also like your suggestion to add prayer to daily tasks. We can use taking out the trash as a reminder to pray against our excesses, or washing dishes to call on God to cleanse us, or picking up socks and dirty clothes as opportunities to pray for our families. This excellent routine will invite Jesus into every part of our day! Thanks!

    1. LOVE your specific prayer tips, Karen! What a neat way to connect our homemaking to our heart! And I listen to music too – it’s creates such an uplifting atmosphere in the home. Thanks for sharing!

  4. As a fairly new SAHM it can be a challenge to have actual “quiet time” with the Lord. Sometimes I have to settle for “not quite as noisy” time with Him. But it is possible! These are some great ideas!

    1. I know – you would think we would have more time with God being at home, but mothering and homemaking is 24/7 job! We have to make sure we take breaks or moments throughout the day to focus on Him and the Gospel – it’s the worship He deserves and refreshment we need! Thank you for reading, Edie!

  5. Great post! Seeking Christ throughout my day has given me the endurance to not just get through the day but to but to live each day with purpose. Podcasts have been such a blessing and almost make me look forward to folding laundry!

    1. Exactly – we have such a high purpose in Christ! And I wasn’t drawn to podcasts before, but now that my hands are always full I realize they are indeed a blessing. Thank you for reading!

  6. This is such a great post! I’m trying to figure out ways to connect with God and plant seeds for my little one to do the same. These are great Thank you. Oh and I also like to listen to the Bible on my bible app as I’m doing tasks and I’ve purchased a children’s book based on scripture and it’s my favorite book to read to my daughter. She doesn’t understand it haha but I actually enjoy it’s message. I’m going to be looking for more 😊

    1. Glad this was helpful, Laura! Recently I’ve been listening to the Revive Our Hearts podcast/Bible studies for Christian women and it’s been such a blessing. I need to research more Christian books for our little ones to read!

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