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6 Beautiful Takeaways from the Life of Joseph

April 6, 2017

Joseph’s story illustrates the life-changing power of a godly perspective.

Abandoned by his brothers, falsely accused of adultery, forgotten by those he blessed, wasting away in prison—Joseph easily could have drowned in bitterness, been dominated by despair, and forever wrestled with anger.

This is not to say that he didn’t experience those feelings, or didn’t feel the depth of his injustice and pain, but rather he didn’t allow such adversity to defeat him.

How? How did he overcome such incredible trials? God’s sustaining grace.

Joseph weathered injustice by trusting God's faithfulness. May He likewise be our anchor of hope. Click To Tweet

He clung to the God of his Father, the One who would remain even though his home was miles away.

Walking by faith, Joseph moved beyond his burdens and served God, to the wonderful extent of blessing the Egyptian nation and allowing restoration with his family.

What an example for us! Here’s a breakdown of 6 lessons from Joseph:

1. God’s presence is a tremendous blessing.

“The Lord was with Joseph…” (Genesis 39:2 ESV)

How do you know God is with you? When you place your trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Holy Spirit dwells in you (Ephesians 1:13).

For those who live by faith, like Joseph, God’s presence is a comforting constant. In the highs and lows of Joseph’s time in Egypt, God was there, acting on His behalf and orchestrating blessings behind the injustice. (Genesis 39:21 Genesis 39:23)

2. We must run from sin at all costs.

Joseph rejects temptation strongly, literally fleeing from sexual sin. (Genesis 39:12) He doesn’t allow His success to make him complacent about sin, instead fearing God above all. (Genesis 39:9)

3. Faith in adversity is a powerful witness to others.

Rather than be stuck in grief, by the strength of God Joseph presses on to walk honorably and productively in Egypt. His witness was so strong, Potiphar credited his success to God (Genesis 39:3). Later, the Pharaoh acknowledges God’s power when he interprets his dreams. (Genesis 41:38-39)

Once Joseph rises to power, his own Egyptian steward demonstrates faith in the Hebrew God, suggesting Joseph’s spiritual influence. (Genesis 43:23)

4. We can thank God for His grace and faithfulness in all circumstances.

Joseph names his children in reflection of God’s gracious work in His life, showing His gratitude for the Lord’s providence and kindness despite the pains of his past. (Genesis 41:51-52)

5. God uses suffering for good, His sovereign plan can always be trusted.

One of the most impactful truths from Joseph’s testimony is that God works in ways higher than we can see. We may experience momentary affliction, but God uses it to prepare blessing and glory in the future, either on earth or in eternity. Joseph understands this, enabling him to respond well to his difficulties. (Genesis 45:5-6, Genesis 50:20)

6. Mercy triumphs over judgment. (James 2:13)

Joseph demonstrates his understanding of God’s sovereignty and grace by sharing it with his brothers. He follows the example of Christ by not returning evil for evil, but humbly moving past his brothers’ sin and treating them with kindness. (Genesis 50:18-21)

Internalize these truths, and meditate on them today!

  1. Dani, powerful takeaways from the life of Joseph. He did indeed weather injustice but reaped ten fold blessings because God was always with HIM. During times of calamities, may we always keep these 6 points in mind. His faithfulness never fails.

    1. So true, Diana! Your FB post and my Genesis readings this week really inspired me to take a deeper look at God’s work in Joseph’s life. What a blessing it was!

  2. The account of Joseph is on of my all time favorite’s in the Bible! Every time I read the portion of the brothers before Pharaoh (Joseph) it makes me ball my eyes out!

    Your infographic is wonderful! Pinning!!!

    1. I agree, his story is one of my favorites too! There’s so much to learn from God’s work in his life. Thank you for visiting and sharing!

  3. Dani, this is so encouraging… I love that Joseph named his children to reflect God’s grace – what an amazing testimony! Thank you for sharing this with us and God bless you this Easter 🙂

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! And yes, that was very neat! It really stood out to me while reading the story this time around. Have a blessed Easter as well, praise the Lord He is risen!

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